Presented in a variety of musical genres, the Adelaide songs team celebrates Celebrating our story – the people, places, identity and history of Adelaide, the Mid North and South Australia – in new, original song.

It is our successes and follies and the famous people, places and events that form our story.

“We cover it all our not-so-romantic Pandas, the State Bank Collapse, Hindley Street in all its glory, our unique culturally -linked annual health epidemic… and more,” said Project Director, Keith Preston. “Stormy Summers, Tim-Marcus Clark, The Christmas Pageant, Dr George Duncan, Colonel William Light… Adelaide Songs is about them, you and us.”

With rave reviews from previous concerts the Adelaide Songs team invites you to immerse yourself in what it is to be a citizen of Adelaide and South Australia. Who are we, what is our story?

The songs

  1. Higher Ground
  2. Adelaide
  3. My School
  4. Tango
  5. Golden North
  6. Timmy
  7. Xmas Pageant
  8. Heysen
  9. Hindley Street Waltz
  10. Colebrook
  11. Unknown Stoneman
  12. Rosaleen
  13. In Praise of an Icon (Stobie)
  14. We Don’t Make Good Things Anymore
  15. Elizabeth Boys (Holdens)
  16. Cadjimup (regional footy MNth)
  17. Stormy
  18. Lucky Girl
  19. Took it All
  20. Redruth
  21. Destiny
  22. Colonel Light
  23. Festival Overload Blues
  24. Athens of the South
  25. City of Towers
  26. Square Mile City Blues
  27. Duduk in Gawler
  28. Dr Duncan Couldn’t Swim